Municipality of Msciwojow, Lower Silesia (PL)

Introduction into the region and the activities

The pilot project concerns a virtual reconstruction of an old grange of Nostitz family with the adjacent areas and also the area between the farmyard and the dam in Municipality of Mściwojów. This object is settled in dolnośląskie voivodship in Jawor poviat. Those areas were always intensive use for rural purpose. Thus, they are an important element of cultural landscapes.

Works undertaken in the framework of the project were based on a wide historical analysis, analysis of current use and future perspective for the grange after potential, complex renovation.

The activities are elaborated by a multidisciplinary team of polish and international experts, local stakeholders and inhabitants of Mściwojów. Virtually reconstruction – 3D visualisation is a based tool to fair reconstruction of this complex though helps conducting discussion with local community (acceptance for carrying out the changes), and potential investors (physical reconstruction).

3D visualization is based on technical advanced equipment including two workstation and very specialized software.

At a glance

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>> Dr. Jacek Pijanowski

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