Innovative participation methods

To focus on local people, residents, land owners, community officials and workers, politicians, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders like farmers, craftsmen, nongovernmental and non-profit organisations and interested parties, while speaking of sustainable landscape development seems to be the only right decision from many perspectives. Any kind of reasoning about landscape development should start with concrete people in mind and with a precise strategy for activating them in a productive participatory process.

Evidence from practice namely shows that no policy act or other top down programme can be effective in field without motivated local people. This means that even best professionally argumentative development programme cannot work out without taking into account the people who are de facto supposed to live and work along with its expectations and rules. The most ambitious ones would obviously think about partnerships that can grow out of early participation processes.

Based on the joint definition of landscape quality objectives and the evaluation of recent participation processes (LEADER, Local Agenda 21 etc.) the project partners implemented innovative participatory procedures to discuss and agree regional development scenarios using modern moderation techniques and involving different regional stakeholders and residents. In this regard, the project used amongst others experiences from regional development processes (Agenda 21 approach) as well as advanced tools to visualize landscape changes.


Check out selected results

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