Knowledge exchange and education

To communicate the projects results to a broader public some 90 events as workshops, conferences and study tours have been realized with more than 1000 people directly participated. To build the ground for future developments, VITAL LANDSCAPES also comprised educational activities for different target groups and the elaboration of curricula that made available successful approaches to all project partners and beyond.


Check out selected results

>> Adressing young professionals

>> Joint media strategy

>>  Summer workshop for Slovenian kids

>>  Seminar of Landscape planning students

>> Report on study tour to Germany October 2012

>> Report on study tour to Hungary June 2012 (DE)

>>  >> Report on study tour to Austria/Czech Republic August 2011 (DE)

>>  Report on study tour to Slovenia May 2011 (DE)

>>  Curiculum for the training of cultural landscape guides (DE)

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