Ljubljansko Barje - the largest Slovene wetland (SI)

>> Ljubljansko barje has been chosen as a case study for several reasons. It has been established that a simple conservation plan is not sufficient in this specific case as the area is inhabited and located in near proximity to the capital city, therefore requiring a detailed management plan. The majority of the inhabitants is not voluntarily interested in supporting the nature park policies without additional motivation and support, so public participation work is highly required. Specific branding potential has also been discovered, due to the area's rich natural and historical heritage and central location (>> additional information on the region).

Project activities

Ljubljansko barje is an exceptional landscape, area of nature conservation, rich cultural heritage and specific aquatic habitats but it does not possess the attributes of an area with classic successful economical development. The specific character of this area however does offer some rare qualities, which would be worth developing through innovative and well balanced spatial development. The offer of services and activities is already versatile and dispersed throughout Ljubljansko Barje. Individuals are already trying to join their forces and establish economically efficient formal groups, which could work on local identity and recognition of local products and therefore make their way into the economy market together.

The project aims in the area of Ljubljansko Barje were focused on exploring the possibilities of marketing and economical development of Ljubljansko Barje area, in a close collaboration with local community as well as potential new stakeholders. Amongst others Slovene project partners organized a number of workshops dedicated to searching for the local identity and ways to unify, harmonize and link the existing local products and services. The workshops hosted local stakeholders as well as students, involving faculties that share interests with the subject in question. Amongst others, a key aim of the project is to form suggestions for a common platform for the tourist, recreational, educational, cultural and other attractions; as well as the selection of farm, arts, crafts and similar products available locally. 

The ideas for designing a common trademark will be collected from:

  • Local community workshops
  • Workshops with students of landscape architecture, graphical and industrial design, architecture, geography and related subjects
  • Reviewing the existing local business marketing approaches in the area
  • A comparative analysis of marketing approaches in other spatially enclosed regions in Slovenia and their effectiveness.

More information on activities

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Maja Simoneti

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