Nagyberek region (HU)

Introduction into the region

Nagyberek is situated on the southern banks of lake Balaton. Typical for this region are swampy areas, small scale vine yards and villages with decreasing population. Despite of almost 200 years of landscape transformation Nagyberek still plays an important role in the ecological system of the lake.

Aims and objectives

Within the pilot project Corvinus University wants to manage the interactive and iterative process of Nature Park establishment and accreditation in Nagyberek region, where the stakeholders (decision makers, inhabitants, land owners and farmers, landscape planners, tourists, nature protection authority etc. ) do express their interests and make trade-off to find reach their goals in the area.

Following topics are concerned:

  • Cultural heritage protection: protection of the local cultural landscape of Nagyberek, assess, save, restore and manage the cultural values.
  • Nature protection: protection of habitats, species and landscape scenery.
  • Environmental protection: minimisation of the harmful effects (M7 highway).
  • Rural development: support of socio-economic development, involving local initiatives, Forest management, agronomic and water management: support of management in agro-enviromental schemes, irrigation, traditional, nature friendly management techniques, ecological production.
  • Handicraft: preservation of local handicraft, embroidery professions.
  • Local industry development: application of environment friendly techniques, development of knowledge based business activities.
  • Soft tourism: support of eco-tourism, environment friendly tourism, recreational tourism, development of touristic infrastructure.
  • Regional development: rehabilitation of villages as living spaces.
  • Environmental education
  • Cooperation: stakeholder involvements, public participation techniques supporting cooperation for the sake of Nagyberek.

At a glance

>> Get an overview on VITAL LANDSCAPES activities in Nagyberek region.


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