Male Karpaty (SK)

Model territory

The pilot project is involved with the Sub-Little Carpathian region consisting of a strip of communes between Smolenice and Bratislava-Rača. The cadastral territories of these communes cover the eastern or south-eastern parts of the Male Karpaty including their foothills. The south-eastern part of the region consists of the Podunajská hills. In terms of natural setting, economy, culture and history, the region boasts numerous interesting features connected with vine growing pursued in the majority of villages and the vicinity to the Capital. Total area of the studied region is 488 km2. The population of 22 communes and 2 urban parts of Bratislava amounts to about 93,000.

Results and Outputs

The Institute of Geography of the SAS, in cooperation with external is participating in implementation of the project as a whole. Besides, it is contributing with several specific activities including:

  • Specification of cultural landscape types within the model territory;
  • Participation in creation and amendment processes of developmental documents in the model territory;
  • Enquiry, survey and interviews with representatives of the decision-making sphere and opinion-forming stakeholders in the territory;
  • Compilation of alternative developmental scenario for the sub-Little Carpathian region with emphasis on conservation of cultural landscape values;
  • Participative activities: meetings of concerned subjects, mediation of experience exchange on local, regional, and super regional levels;
  • Visualizing and publicity activities, press conferences, competition My region in time, Comparison of old and recent photographs, etc.

At a glance

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