Land Company Saxony-Anhalt

In addition to being responsible for the overall project management, the Land Company Saxony-Anhalt also contributed to the VITAL LANDSCAPES project. The pilot project focused on the identification of suitable areas for compensation measures in the Lower Saale Valley Nature Park. The intention was to coordinate investor's compensation measures in dimensions and areas appropriate for nature conservation. Click here for further information.

As a non-profit settlement company for the development of rural areas in Saxony-Anhalt, the organisation aims to preserve and strengthen such regions as residential, working and living environments. To this end, some 100 members of staff prepare and implement a variety of different projects and take on specialist planning, engineering design and architectural services.


Land Comany Saxony-Anhalt
Jörn Freyer
Große Diesdorfer Str. 56/57
D-39110 Magdeburg

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